Shareit for Mac – Get It For Free

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File Sharing is a very common operation which we perform almost on a daily basis. Be it a movie, a bunch of documents or some songs, the usual way is to use a USB thumb drive. But in case you don’t have it, you have to use cloud services and Internet is not free everywhere […]

The Room Two for PC – Free Download


The Room Two is the true successor to its predecessor The Room. The latest version of this amazing puzzle games comes with enhanced graphics, sound, game levels, quality and much better 3D effects. Puzzle games have always been interesting and have been able to successfully get the gamers hooked onto them for hours. The Room […]

Xender, Sharing And File Transfer For PC


For transferring data from one mobile device to another, the most common medium used is the device’s is Bluetooth. Despite the improvements in the Bluetooth technology, its speed is still constrained and there are other better methods to transfer the files from one device to another. There are few apps that provide for an easy […]

Kingdom Rush For Mac – Free Download

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Google Play Store is a store of millions of applications and games. In addition to the apps like WhatsApp or Skype, people are more interested in different types of entertaining games. Though the games like Candy Cash Saga or Subway Surfers are on the top of the list of games, many of the players are […]

PewDiePie Legend of Brofist for PC – Free Download


PewDiePie is a YouTube legend in his own way and is supported by more than 40 million fans. When he decided to extend his celebrity status to a mobile game PewDiePie: Legend of Brofist, there were few surprises. We have witnessed celebrities after whom games are designed and PewDiePie it seems, with the fan following […]

Download Newshunt for Mac – Free!


Couple of years ago, people used to go for Newspaper or were trying radio for news and other amusements. After that came the Television, which provided lots of opening of enjoying news and other features, with compilation of audio with video, got an instant hit in society. Thereafter came the era of computer with most […]

Download Candy Crush Soda On Your Mac for Free


For the last two-three decades lots of changes has taken place in modern society as a global phenomenon and not confined to any particular country. Due to the invention of internet and allied supports, a behavioral change has been occurred among the younger generation, especially within the children. These days they are more comfortable in […]

IMO For Mac – Download For Free


The telegraph, erstwhile telephone, handwritten letters are going to be the subject of historical research very soon because there is a revolution already begun, in the communication system as a general phenomenon and specially developed for personal communication. After the invention of internet and its applications the floodgate has been opened and almost every day […]

Audible for Mac : Audiobooks You Love !

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While we all enjoy reading books, there are moments when reading is not exactly practical. Busy public/commuter travel Or maybe Jogging? Such situations don’t really allow you to read something on the go. Audio books are best during these times. Audible is an audiobook player with access to thousands of audio books at your feet. […]

Dead Trigger 2 on Mac : Get It For Free

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We all know that Macs are not really famous for their availability and choice, when it comes to games. In fact you will be hard pressed to find quality 3D games with console graphics and more; if you are searching for specific genres like FPS shooter games. But on the other hand iOS sees plenty […]